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6400 College Drive Palos Heights, IL 60463
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Our Services

Pro-Rehab Services

You can expect a highly trained therapist to evaluate, treat or prevent conditions that restrict body movement. As an expert in mobility, we have the understanding of how the body moves and how certain conditions can keep you functioning in your daily lives.

Our compassionate and skilled therapists have years of hands-on experience in managing and treating disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Whether the patient is suffering from acute pain, chronic irritation, or postoperative symptoms, our staff provides individualized rehabilitation and customized home exercise programs.

Physical therapy for sports-related injuries involves exercises and stretches that specifically target the affected areas needing to improve.

Our trained therapists use innovative, scientific-based programs to deliver a personalized care treatment plan in order for you to return to your active daily life.

Our focus is on treatment, prevention, and education.

With early and skilled treatment, Lymphedema can be controlled to allow the individual to lead a full and normal life.

Our goal is to allow each patient to regain the maximum functional use of their hand.

The Graston Technique® is an innovative, patented form instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that clinicians use to effectively break down scar tissue and facial restrictions.

Pro-Rehab Services

Here is what you can expect from your physical therapy session:

  • Thorough examination
  • Education on your clinical diagnosis
  • Explanation of findings from your evaluation
  • Treatment possibly including:
    • Modalities for pain relief/reducing inflammation
      • Ultrasound
      • Electrical Stimulation (IFC, TENS, etc)
      • Heat/Cold therapy
      • Traction
    • Manual therapy
    • Massage/soft tissue mobilization
    • Exercises: stretching, range of motion, strengthening, stabilization
    • Injury prevention
    • Postural education
  • Home exercise instruction with print-out
  • Follow-up appointments with the same therapist for continuity of care
  • Evaluation professionally prepared and sent to the referring physician

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